Gold & Silver Bullion Coins & Bars By Phone

We are NOW ACCEPTING ORDERS for Gold & Silver Bullion by phone!


Note from the owner: 

Following, please find our current sell prices for gold and silver bullion. Like so many parts of life during the health crisis, the bullion market is not like it previously was. Please note the following:

  • There is currently a shortage of physical gold and silver due to high demand reflective of unstable financial markets, world-wide restrictions on business operations, and the difficulty of transportation in many areas.
  • The premiums for live metals have drastically increased. There currently  is a huge disconnect between the gold and silver spot prices and the value of physical products. These prices reflect the cost we are being charged to replace our inventory. The price of live/available products is higher than those that must await delivery. We are not inflating the prices or making any more than we would have when we were selling these products for the past 10 years (In many instances,  the precious metal products we are purchasing are not delivered for 4-8 weeks due to the above mentioned challenges.)
  • We expect premiums to remain inflated for at least 3-6 months as demand for physical metals is predicted to remain high and many producing mints are closed or have very limited supply. 
  • Please feel free to compare our prices to leading metals providers such as APMEX.  We’re pricing precious metal products at significantly less than most in the market.


Premium Availability
American Eagles 1 Oz Spot + $150 LIVE
Krugerrands 1 Oz Spot + $100 LIVE
100 Corona (.98 AGW) Spot + $50 LIVE
1 Oz Gold Bars Spot + $90 Delayed 1 Week
1 Oz Maples Spot + $150 Delayed 1 Week
1/10th Oz AGE Spot + 20% LIVE – Limited
90% Per Dollar Face (.715 T Oz) $14x Face LIVE
2020 ASE’s $22.50 LIVE
Backdate ASE’s $22 LIVE
Maple Leaves $21.50 LIVE
Pandas (30 Grams) $20 LIVE
.999 1/10/100 Oz $20/Oz Delayed 1-2 Weeks
Commemorative $1 (.7784) $15.50 Each LIVE
2020 Krugerrands $21 LIVE


  • All orders must be locked in by phone 301-898-2863– Monday-Friday 10-5
  • We accept checks or wires. All checks must clear before shipping (10 business days for personal and 3 business days for cashiers checks) 
  • We will need a credit card to hold the order – If you do not mail or wire payment within 24 hours – Your credit card will be charged the market difference plus $1/Oz of silver and $30/oz of Gold you ordered. 
  • All items will be shipped via USPS from our depository (We have NO product in our store right now, NO in-store pick ups allowed. Items ship within 2-3 business days of cleared payment) 
  • Shipping and full insurance is $5 for orders UNDER $1000 – Shipping and full insurances is FREE OVER $1000. 
  • Orders OVER $1000 are tax exempt, Orders UNDER $1000 will be charged 6% sales tax.

Below you will find a downloadable Gold & Silver Guide that provides general bullion-buying information and can help you identify some of the different types. We look forward to serving your gold & silver needs! Thank you.

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