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Salvation Army receives largest donation of the holiday season
Frederick News Post
December 16, 2010

Photo By: Travis Pratt Frederick New Post

Matt Lerner, left, of the Frederick Coin Exchange purchases the 1904 Liberty Double Eagle gold coin back from Salvation Army Maj. Raymond Pruitt. Lerner dropped the coin in a kettle at Macy’s on Dec. 2.
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Entrepreneur Magazine
– eBay Startup Guide   –
September 2008

Feature article on owner Matt Lerner and his career on eBay where he started selling at age 13 and grew his business to a $500,000 annual revenue while he was still attending the University of Wisconsin – Madison

For Anniversary Collectors, Penny Fandom Is in Mint Condition

May, 14 2009

Coin shop opens in downtown Frederick
Frederick News Post
September 17, 2009

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