You’ve seen the claims on TV, in the local newspapers, and heard them on the radio: “CHOOSE US. We pay the HIGHEST PRICES!”

This is a claim anyone can make.

We measure our success differently. 

Repeat Business – On average, 70% of our customers come back for a second, third or even forth trip to our shop. To us, this suggests that we have met and exceeded our customers’ expectations.

Referral Business – Unlike many companies you may be accustomed to doing business with, The Frederick Coin Exchange has a rather small advertising budget. We strive to pay some of the most competitive rates in the area, which means lower margins for us. However, because of our strong prices, we find most of our customers happily refer their friends and family to us.

Reputation – We are in a unique business where trust and reputation matter more than fancy offices and fanfare. In today’s age of technology, creating this trust is even more important and in many ways more difficult. In years past, customers had no way of knowing if they were dealing with people that were honest and trustworthy, unless they knew someone else who had dealt with them. Today, all you have to do is simply ‘Google’ someone to read their reviews. This is something we tell all of our customers to do before they come see us. Google ‘The Frederick Coin Exchange’ and see what others have to say about us! Or click here directly.

Affiliations – Knowledge is power in our business. Being connected to organizations and businesses around the country allow us to pay you more. We are members of the Certified Coin Exchange, a network of the nation’s top 300 coin dealers. This allows us to buy anything at competitive rates, regardless of value or quantity.

  • Life Member of the American Numismatic Association #LB3134806
  • Authorized Dealer for PCGS #822532 & NGC #3060
  • Maryland Precious Metals Dealer #2354

Services We Offer

Purchasing – While we are primarily a dealer of rare coins, we will also purchase your unwanted jewelry, as well as your gold, platinum or silver bullion. We will be happy to travel to you if your collection proves to be valuable enough.

Verbal Appraisals – Our in-house VERBAL appraisals are free of charge.  The appraisal process is simple. Once you bring your coins to us, we will sit with you and tell you the current market value of the items you bring us. If you decide to sell to us, then we will pay you the appraised price. If you choose to keep your coins, then you will leave knowing their exact value. 

Written Appraisals – If you need an appraisal typed on our letterhead (usually for estate purposes or to be presented in court), the charge is $150 per hour in store, and $250 per hour out of store with a minimum charge of an hour. The appraisal process is simple: schedule an appointment and we will provide a written appraisal of your collection. You can choose what type of appraisal: Fair Market Value, Replacement Cost (for insurance) — for either the value today or a specific date of death (normal for estate settlements). Please note we only do appraisals on WEDNESDAY or THURSDAY unless otherwise arranged and you MUST HAVE AN APPOINTMENT. You MUST call to make an appointment for written appraisals. ***Please NOTE: Due to the volume of business we are currently seeing. We are only taking a small number of OUT of store appraisals.***

Rare Coin Sales – Whether you are looking for a $19 Indian Head Cent, or a $150,000 1895 Morgan Silver Dollar, we can help! We have one of the most extensive inventories of coins in Western Maryland. If you are seeking true rarities, we can help acquire them through our large network of dealer connections or auction representation.

Precious Metals Sales – We carry an extensive inventory of gold and silver bullion. Also, we are now stocking platinum, palladium and rhodium. Click here for a list of the products we carry and the premiums.