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We purchase all types of United States and World Coins, both old and new.

Half Cents through $50 Gold Coins….Gold & Silver US and World Coins and more!

We specialize in high-end, rare US Coins. However, unlike many coin dealers, we will buy your ENTIRE collection, not just the good stuff.

If you would like us to evaluate your coins, you can either sort them as described in our Coin Sorting & Identification Guide, or bring them in as they are. This guide should also help to answer some general questions you may have before bringing them in for an evaluation.

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Coins are evaluated by four criteria:

  • Condition: Refers to the amount of wear on the detail of a coin. The less wear the higher the value on specific series.
  • Scarcity:  Some years and mint marks less coins were made than others; these are referred to as ‘better dates’
  • Content: What kind of metal a coin is made of.
  • Demand: How popular a particular series is to be collected.

If you do not see the coin you have on this sheet, please just bring it in.

Never clean your coins coins!  This more than likely will decrease the value of what you have. While the ‘Better Dates’ are usually the higher valued items, specific dates can be worth a substantial amount of money based on their condition.

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