Serving the Chantilly, Virginia (VA) area community. Paying the highest prices paid for Chantilly, Virginia (VA) on Gold Jewelry, Coins, Silver Bars, Sterling Flatware & Hollow Ware Sets. We are a coin dealer, gold buyer, coin shop near  Chantilly, VA.

Buying & Selling Services for Chantilly, Virginia area!

  • Scrap & Old Gold Jewelry
  • Fine Estate Jewelry
  • High End Watches
  • US & World Coins
  • US & World Currency
  • Sterling Silver Flatware & Hollow Ware Sets

If you're making the drive from Chantilly, VA we also buy...

  • Vintage Sports Cards - Before 1975
  • Old Banks & Advertising
  • Diamonds over 1 Ct w/ paperwork

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"We were very pleased with our experience in dealing with Frederick Coin Exchange. We sold a coin collection which I got when my parents died. They offered the best price for a gold coin set by several hundred dollars. They were very patient with us and spent several hours going over the collection. While we were their many repeat customers came in to do business which speaks well for them. If I had other coins or jewelry I would make the 45 minute drive to Frederick Coin Exchange again."
Ann F.

The 9 Step Process to Selling Gold Jewelry

You've seen the commercials. Turn your old, unwanted, or broken gold jewelry into CASH. Send them away in the mail and wait for the check. But now think about how much money was spent for you to see that message. TV advertising is some of the most expensive advertising on the market. Will you REALLY get top dollar for your jewelry?

The Frederick Coin Exchange is consistently one of the areas highest paying gold buyers in the tri-state area. There are no hidden secrets, fees, or magic tricks. Everything is separated, tested, weighed and priced WHILE YOU WAIT.

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Below we will explain exactly what happens when you bring your items to the Frederick Coin Exchange for an offer.