Gold Canadian Maple Leaf Bullion Coins

The Frederick Coin Exchange is one the Maryland, Virginia, Pennsylvania area’s strongest buyers of Gold Canadian Maple Leaf coins.

Gold American Eagles were first made in 1979. It is the purest regular issue gold coin in the world.  They were issued as a way to make gold coins available to the public as an alternative way to invest in gold.

Item Buy* Sell**
1 Oz Canadian Maple Leaf

  • Total Weight:31.1 grams
  • Fine Gold: 31.1 grams
  • Finess: 24K or 99.4%
  • Spot 
  • Spot + 4.4%
  • i.e. (Spot * 1.044) = Sell Price


Spot refers to the current price of gold. *Buying FROM you **Selling TO you

Please call for buy/sell prices for over 20 pcs.


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These coins come in size from 1 Troy Ounce to 1/10th Troy Ounce.