The Importance of Giving

    Holiday Vacation
    December 5, 2011
    Selling Old Broken or Unwanted Gold Jewelry in Frederick Maryland
    December 5, 2011

    The Importance of Giving

    The Frederick Coin Exchange donated a total of 5 1 Oz Gold
    Coins that were dropped into Salvation Army Kettles around Frederick County was
    week. Each coin is currently valued at $1750 each. We just wrote a check to the
    Salvation Army for $9000.00.


    I’ve lived in Frederick County for over 20 years. I’ve
    worked with many non-profit organizations over the years. I’ve always been
    impressed with the work the Salvation Army.  They help those in need when other
    organizations won’t and the numbers are increasing.


    I opened the Frederick location over 2 years ago and in many
    ways our success can be attributed to the fact that the economy is in such
    turmoil. The price of gold and silver are at all-time highs largely because the
    value of our dollar has declined making it more expensive to buy everyday


    For the past 5 months we’ve have lines literally out the
    door with people trying to find an alternative way to get some extra money. They’re
    searching their jewelry boxes and safety deposit boxes to find items they no
    longer use or wear to find some extra cash.


    We support a number of organizations across Frederick County
    including: The Middletown Valley Food Bank, The Evening Under the Riviera, The
    Empty Bowls Banquet, The American Numismatic Association among others.


    We’ve had a successful year at the Frederick Coin Exchange
    and I feel it’s important to give back to the community that has been so
    supportive of us.


    Thank you for the support! And Happy Holidays!

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