Antique Books

Have you ever wondered how much that old book you have sitting on the shelf is actually worth?! Do you have a special signed edition that you’re interested in selling, but just don’t know where to start? The Frederick Coin Exchange is lucky enough to have a book specialist on staff!

How it works:

  1. Search your bookshelves, attics or any of your storage areas for old, signed, or special edition books.
  2. Bring it to our store to have Kevin, our book specialist, conduct a FREE in-person verbal appraisal on your item the last Thursday of the month from 1pm-5pm. In-person appraisals are by appointment ONLY so please call to schedule. If you cannot make it that particular day, you’re welcome to email a photo of your item to info@frederickcoinexchange.com for Kevin to review, or bring the item in and leave it to be evaluated by him at another time.
  3. Kevin will evaluate your book(s) based on the condition, scarcity, current trends & other factors.
  4. We make you an offer on the spot, and if accepted, you will be paid on the spot.


Please note: We do NOT purchase items from anyone under the age of 25. We do not buy ALL books; certain editions are more desirable than others.

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